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Salvation Army Thrift Store

Where to Buy a Cassette Tape Player

Let's face it. Your old Teddy Ruxpin isn't the ideal cassette tape player. It's time to upgrade, but long gone are the days you can stop by an electronics store and pick up one up. Your options are limited, but here are a few places you can still find a decent cassette player (or more accurately, a cassette deck). Amazon Since they still sell new cassette players, … [Read More]

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Rush 2112 Cassette Tape

Celebrating the Holidays with Cassettes

I try not to make excuses for my laziness, but the move from the 'burbs to Triple-D took a little more time than I thought. As of Christmas Eve, I finally have my … [Read More]

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cassette store day

Is Cassette Store Day “the Dumbest Thing Ever”?

For those of you who haven't heard, September 7th is the first annual Cassette Store Day. Like Record Store Day, the event is a day when fans of their favorite … [Read More]

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Maxell Cassette Tape Chair Man

5 Great Cassette Tape Commercials

While most people recorded mix tapes on plain old Type I cassettes, advertisers in the '80s tried their best to capture the attention of quasi-audiophiles and those who just plain knew better. From flying cars to inexplicable skull-mounted tape slots, here are … [Read More]

Dolby B NR Logo

Dolby Noise Reduction Explained

You know (or knew) the feeling... You're cruising down the highway listening to your favorite Hall & Oates jam, and just when Daryl and John's most quiet, introspective lyric comes up, you hear that familiar sound: Cassette tape hiss. But not to worry! … [Read More]

Moleskine Audio Cassette Book

I Want This: Moleskine Audio Cassette Book

Moleskine, the manufacturer of notebooks once lauded by the likes of Hemingway and Van Gogh has payed the best tribute to the 50th anniversary of the cassette tape anyone could have imagined. These notebooks are nothing like the kitschy iPhone covers and … [Read More]